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Bulk Refill Program


We thrilled to announce the launch of a bulk refill program here at Ecotique!

For the benefit of the Earth and future generations our goal is to help people in our community reduce waste and live a more sustainable lifestyle one less plastic bottle purchase at a time! 


ONEKA is a plant based beauty company based out of Quebec, formulated with essential oils and extracts from local, organic, wild pants.


Bulk Products Carried:

  • Goldenseal + Citrus Shampoo @ 0.79 oz
  • Goldenseal + Citrus Conditioner @ 0.79 oz
  • Goldenseal + Citrus Shower Gel @ 0.79 oz
  • Cedar + Sage Shampoo @ 0.79 oz
  • Cedar + Sage Conditioner @ 0.79 oz
  • Cedar + Sage Shower Gel @ 0.79 oz
PURE BIO is an eco-friendly, vegan and Canadian company with an array of ultra-concentrated products made for high efficiency. This means you only need a small amount, letting you do more with less and allowing us to minimize the use of plastic packaging and product transportation.


Bulk Products Carried:

  • Almond Flower Laundry Detergent @ 0.19 oz
  • Linden Flower Laundry Detergent @ 0.19 oz
  • Almond Flower Dish Soap @ 0.19 oz
  • Almond Flower Hand Soap @ 0.24 oz
  • Kitchen + Bathroom Cleaner @ 0.19 oz

LOVEFRESH is a Toronto-based luxury line of fun and natural beauty products that will keep your skin glowing. Their products are plant-based and nurturing. 

Bulk Products Carried:

  • Lemon Verbena Wash @ $1.10 oz
  • Lemon Verbena Body Lotion @ $2.22 oz 


We are eager to grow this program to be the best it can be! Have a suggestion for us? We'd love to hear from you!  Please email us at info@ecotique.ca.