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Olivewood Serving Hands

Olivewood Serving Hands

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Serving Hands Set Made Of Olive Wood 100% Handmade from a single block of olive wood, seamless and nonporous Tableware & Utensils are the perfect size to scoop and serve your salad, pasta, rice, and more! There are no chemicals or sealants on the wood. They are all natural. Olive wood is a hardwood making if very dense and durable for everyday use. Olive wood is nonporous. Germs and odors are not retained.

size: 8" / 20 cm

Each handcrafted olive wood piece possesses unique characteristics, color, and style. I have a wide range of olive wood products that is ever-growing to keep up with clients' demands.
Each olive wood products are handcrafted and perfected by Me and my Family who transforms a rough tree outline into a finished masterpiece. Once the olive wood is sanded and polished, the finished item is coated with olive oil and honeybees wax to give it a natural shine and ensure longevity.

Please keep in mind that all wood pieces, although closely same in color, differ from one another. This is one of a kind item, impossible to reproduce exactly as it is.