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Pioneer Spirit Beeswax Candle - James Walsh

Pioneer Spirit Beeswax Candle - James Walsh

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These hand poured, pure beeswax candles are made with sustainably sourced beeswax from small Canadian beekeepers who want the best for you and the environment. Perfect as a gift, or as decor in your own home, these beeswax candles are sure to light a smile on your face.

These candles are hypoallergenic and free of any harmful additives or carcinogens. All naturally scented with no strong smells.

Circa 1880s

James Walsh Soda was in business from 1879 to 1902. This BLOP top Soda bottle is a rare piece. Very distinct Beaver and Crown embossed over Toronto.

Measures: 2.25" x 7" with a burn time of approximately 80 hours