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Olivewood Mini Scoop
Olivewood Mini Scoop

Olivewood Mini Scoop

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These mini scoops are approximately 2 1/2 inches, and are seamless, nonporous and will not stain.

100% handmade with 100% Of Mediterranian olive wood. Made in Calgary Alberta Canada

Olive Wood branches imported from Mediterranean countries to Canada, for the enjoyment of customers.

OliveWood Glory has great love and respect for the olive wood. They ensure that no young trees are cut for production, but only those deemed unproductive are chosen for their work. Branch strength, size, and color are key factors that determine which trees undergo the transformation process
Hand crafted for one-of-a-kind beauty
Each scoop has its own unique pattern of wood grain for an unique appearance. Makes a fine gift for weddings, house-warming, anniversaries, special occasions,

Please keep in mind that all wood pieces, although closely same in color, differ from one another. This is one of a kind item, impossible to reproduce exactly as it is.