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PURE Natural Wax Pillar Eco Candles (by Wenzel Kerzen)

PURE Natural Wax Pillar Eco Candles (by Wenzel Kerzen)

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Crafted in Germany out of all-natural food-grade wax, this clean and long-burning candle emits 60% less CO2.

These candles are made from animal-derived Stearin and rapeseed wax, both from European yields. Stearin fats cause the lowest CO2 emissions of all wax types. Such a candle saves over 60% CO2 compared to a paraffin or soy wax candle and approximately 20% CO2 compared to palm wax candles.

These candle have a particularly long burning time and the quiet, low-soot and Co²-neutral burning. In addition, all these candles are equipped with patented SafeCandle technology. They are self-extinguishing for handy, hassle-free candlelight.

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