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Les Pétards Foaming Bath Bomb

Les Pétards Foaming Bath Bomb

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Our foaming bath bombs are usually made only for the markets, but we decided to make some limited quantities exclusively  for Mother's Day! 

Texture  - Dense & creamy foam

How to use – Put on the bath bomb as soon as you start filling the bath for maximum foam!

Scent -  3 scents are available: Eucalyptys & geranium / Grapefruit / Aquatic: Lime, bergamot & lemongrass

Size – 3 bath bombs of 120 g.

Ingredients  Baking soda / Citric acid / Tapioca starch / Sodium cocoyl isethionate (natural foaming ingredient made from coconut) / Grapeseed oil / Cocamidopropyl betaine (natural foaming ingredient made from coconut).