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Merben Body Brush (With Handle)
Merben Body Brush (With Handle)

Merben Body Brush (With Handle)

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This body brush is 100% natural, handmade and biodegradable! 

Dry brushing helps to exfoliate, remove dry skin, prevent ingrown hairs and promotes circulation and lymphatic drainage! 

We recommend dry brushing for a few minutes before a morning shower. Brush in circular motions; start at your feet and move over the entire body. Always brush toward your heart with light pressure. Gradually increase pressure as you build your daily routine.

The jute brush is softer and recommended if you are new to dry brushing.  Avoid getting your jute brush wet.

The sisal brush is rougher than the jute and is recommended for a more intense exfoliation.  The sisal brush may be used in the shower wet or dry.  Do allow your sisal brush to dry completely between uses.

Both brushes feature a white cotton cord handle and measure 9" long.

These brushes are a real skin-saver!