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Re-Zip 4oz Leakproof Reusable Storage Bag (3-Pack)

Re-Zip 4oz Leakproof Reusable Storage Bag (3-Pack)

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Small yet mighty, with a wide base and a tidy profile, the Mini Stand-up is the perfect reusable storage bag for a snack portion of granola, post-workout egg bites, or even that extra half-onion from last night’s stir fry. If you’re like most people, your bags will start out organizing kitchen ingredients, and snacks, but soon will be indispensable for little jobs in the playroom, art cabinet, desk drawer, and purse, keeping all your tiny valuables neat and organized. Once you use a (re)zip you’ll feel the quality–from the smooth, sturdy material, and well-designed construction to that satisfying little click when you seal it. They are made from 100% food-safe PEVA so they are leakproof and airtight, so you can toss it in your bag or backpack without a worry.

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