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The Rogerie

The Rogerie Recycled Plastic Bird Feeder

The Rogerie Recycled Plastic Bird Feeder

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At The Rogerie, they're on a mission to create beautiful, functional homewares that actively clean up our environment. That's why they use only recycled plastic in their designs, and they’re proud to say that much of the material comes straight from local landfills. By choosing The Rogerie, you're not only getting the highest quality product, but you're also helping to reduce waste and preserve our planet.

Weather-resistant bird feeder that fits any standard 86mm mason jar. As with all of The Rogerie products, these feeders are made from 100% recovered plastic waste and leave no environmental footprint. They’ll even recycle it again when you’re done!

Need help assembling it? Check out this instruction page!

PLEASE NOTE: Mason jar is not included. This kit comes with the top and bottom bird feeder pieces as well as hooks and string to attach.

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