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Two Acre Farm

Burlap & Terry Towel Eco Sponge (Two Pack)

Burlap & Terry Towel Eco Sponge (Two Pack)

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Looking for ways to reduce plastic waste in the kitchen? Eco Sponges by Two Acre Farm are long lasting, washable and completely compostable.

Two Acre Farm Eco Sponges are handmade in their small workshop in Collingwood, Ontario. Burlap coffee sacks are sourced from local roasters and recycled into the scrubby side of the Eco Sponge! Everything else, including the thread, is 100% cotton.

Use the soft absorbent cotton terry towel side for wiping up spills and cleaning counters while you use the burlap side as a non-abrasive scrubber for pots, pans and dishes. And yep! They are washing machine and dishwasher safe.

Each scrubber is made by hand from different parts of up-cycled burlap coffee sacks which means every one is totally unique!  Come pick out your favourite in store or if you buy online, you will receive a surprise pattern!

Size:  Set of 2 sponges, approximately 5”x3” each

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